Push Bike

Features WeeRide name and guarantee Easy step through frame Very light at only 3.75kgs Brake for extra safety and save shoes! Mudguards Safe non slip hand grips New air tyres and steel rims so no deflation Seat height from 35cm -45cm Wheels: 10" for push bikes Wheels: 14 inches (35.56cm) for balance bikes

Children as young as 18 months can use this bike, just check their inside leg measurement against the set height. They will stay on until the age of 3 on average.
Very simple to use. The child takes very tentative steps at first. Then very soon they are confident enough to scoot along and lift their legs up. After having a WeeRide push or balance bike, children are riding one with pedals on by 4 without ever using stabilisers. Thought assembling the bicycle is very simple as you just need to drop the handle bars in, attaching the brake might be a bit challenging and need more time than anticipated earlier.

L2R Push Bike English Manual download.pdf